Construction company "Dagi”, which is a limited liability company, was established in 2003 and from the day of the establishment until now is carrying out construction-renovation-reconstruction work with complete quality control, which is conditioned by the company’s many years of experience, and a unified team of qualified engineers and architects. The company’s sphere of business is quite wide. From the day of establishment until now the company has completed over 300 projects on the territory of Georgia. Taking into consideration the existent experience, the company’s further development strategy contains construction work that has to do with office spaces, living buildings, community parks, automobile infrastructure, irrigation engineering and drinking water infrastracture. The company continuously tries to keep in line with the technological ameliorations and innovations and during the construction process to utilize contemporary materials and technologies, which give us the opportunity to present the customer with maximally optimized expenses and technical decisions. Since 2012 the Company was assigned ISO 9001:2008 certificate, since October 2015 OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate and since March 2016 ISO 14001:2004 certificate. Also, starting from June 18, 2012 it has been registered in the State Procurement Agency’s "White List”.